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I provide a wide range of editing, from a basic clean up to an editorial high end beauty retouch. Everything from correcting colors, adding make up to changing details or features. I work with a tailored approach that's unique and adapted to every customers wants and needs. My goal is to give the client what they want but with a result that doesn't look unnatural, unless its an artistically artificial look that is the goal. So communication is of course key. In the following examples the first photograph shows the before picture and the second is the after image that shows my retouch.


Before retouch of girl with dark hair
After retouch of girl with dark hair


This is a basic edit and retouch with a general cleanup of the skin and of stray hairs. Brows are usually sisters, not twins... but in this case I wanted to show how it's possible to retouch them to be just that. Exactly, matching that is. 

Girl with natural look before retouch
Girl after retouch with makeup added and colors changed


This is a beauty retouch where I also have added makeup, changed the hair color and the color of the eyes.

Natural looking girl before retouch
Natural looking girl after retouch retouch
Image of happy woman, before retouch
Image of happy woman, after retouch


In these two examples the aim was to perform natural beauty retouch and create even skin tones and skin texture without it feeling unnatural. I also worked with making the eyes "pop" even more.

Male model before retouch
Male model after a basic retouch
Male model after full retouch and frequency separation


First we have the original, the following is a basic natural skin retouch where I also retouched the brows. This image has areas with sharp highlights and that was the main reason to why I chose this image for this step by step example. I clearly want to show the effect of frequency separation, which is often requested. It is used and deliberately exaggerated on the last image. I wanted to show how a really even skin tone can be created with the texture remaining, but that it also flattens the face since shadows and highlights gets blurred and spread out. I have also manipulated the proportions on the last one to show what can (but absolutely doesn't need to) be done. But as mentioned, this example takes frequency separation to an extreme.

Mature woman before retouch
Mature woman after retouch

The before pictures are from and the after pictures shows my retouch.


Here I have worked with basic natural retouch and I also softened the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines without removing them.

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