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Violet and blueberry flavored gelato

Violet and blueberry flavored gelato

I made this recipe for my younger siblings and it became a favorite straight away. The violet flavor goes amazingly well with the blueberry aroma. Add whipped cream and fresh blueberries and it's a worthy dessert on any dinner table!


4 pcs egg yolks

80g castor sugar

4 dl heavy cream

2 dl whole milk

1 tsp vanilla powder

2 tsp violet essence

2 dl blueberry jam

2 tbsp confectioners' sugar


  1. Mix the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla powder in a saucepan and whisk it to a light fluffy cream over low heat. Stir together 2 dl of whipping cream with the whole milk and whisk it into the egg cream a little bit at a time until it's blended in the saucepan. Then cool it until it's refrigerator cold.

  2. Whip the remaining half of the cream with the violet essence and icing sugar, then stir in the blueberry jam. Finally, blend the chilled mixture from Step 1 together with this.

  3. Pour the finished gelato batter into your ice cream maker. All may not fit if you have a small ice-cream machine so check the capacity for your particular brand and adjust both the amount you make and for how long it has to be in the machine accordingly. Serve the gelato with whipped cream and violet crumble or blueberries.

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