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Hybrid /ˈhaɪbrɪd/ Something that is of mixed character, composed of two or more different elements 


Content /ˈkɑn.tɛnt/ Defined as what is contained, inside or included in something  

Hybrid content Mixing different areas within content creation and graphic design in one place, by one person 


They are the animal kingdoms masters of modifying and changing their appearance by shifting colors beautifully.  In addition to that, they also have amazing eye sight and are able to pivot and focus their eyes independently making it possible to observe two different objects simultaneously. A fascinating animal with aspirational abilities in regard to design and therefore the obvious choice of "spirit animal" for me. 


Because as a designer and content creator, changing and adapting to an ever-growing industry is key. We need to be flexible and open to change as well as aware of how others perceive the content that we create. So it's crucial to have an eye for both details as well as the whole when choosing an angle of approach with design.




Creator by birth, designer by trade and diligent by nature. My creativity stems from a passion that knows no boundaries. Through devotion I've developed a breadth which makes me productive in, but not limited to, illustration, photo editing and retouching, web-, application- and logo design as well as layout, food- styling and photography. I also work with clients that hire me for completely tailored design solutions. I live in the northern hemisphere which remotely matters since remote work isn't constrained by geography. One of the many perks of our wonderful digital era.


My background is in hair design. For nearly a decade, I was running a co-owned business, acting as the sole CEO/CFO, while working full time as a hairdresser/stylist and makeup artist. Favorite parts of these roles where to work with fashion collections and photo shoots. In parallel with these endeavors, I completed several university courses in the areas of  psychology, vector graphics and web development. I also hold a  graduate degree as a  "Digital content designer" from Medieinstitutet in Stockholm, Sweden. In conclusion, I will never see myself as fully trained and consider myself to be a student for life.


To know a bit more about what I do, check out the portfolio pages which contain a collection with samples of my creative work. You'll find or maybe already have found examples of editing and retouch, design and layout  both digital and for print, as well as art and illustration. Besides that there's also food styling and photography that has a section of it's own. If you want to know more details about what I can offer here at Hybrid content, go to "what I do"

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